Dental RO Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis RO filtration gives you very high quality purified water. It removes just about every contaminant you can think of.

Why use Reverse Osmosis systems?

Your surgery might use distillers to purify your water. These are expensive and have various disadvantages. For example, they produce purified water much slower than an RO System. They can also use significant amounts of power to run.

You may also be getting ionised water delivered, this can be cheaper than a distiller but there’s the problem of maintaining stock and managing deliveries, along with the admin time required, RO systems eliminate all of this.

The method for purifying your water is Reverse Osmosis (RO). This is the most efficient way of purifying water, on demand, whenever you need it, and is becoming the most popular solution for dental practices.

The complete Solution

RO Systems are easy to install, remove up to 99.98% of impurities from UK mains water, very easy to maintain with simple filter replacements, and last for many years (10+ years). We supply, maintain and repair all main manufactures of RO systems,

RO Water Systems

RO Filters

Water Taps

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