Our Service Options

Preventative servicing

A&E Dental Engineering provide annual servicing of all your practice equipment, this includes: Suction systems, separators, Compressors, Delivery units and full systems, 3-in-1 syringes, X-ray, RO systems, Handpieces and all other essentials.

This servicing can be scheduled at your convenience, be that during staff holidays, evenings or weekends to eliminate disruption.

Service contracts

For our customers who choose to service their equipment annually, wish to strictly adhere to compliancy, as well as eliminating any down-time, we offer a service contract. This is a fixed annual price that covers a service in every surgery in the practice, can include plant equipment and any other serviceable items. The cost of this is spread over the 12 months between servicing, and as a thank you for your commitment we do not charge any call out fee's for any visits between servicing.

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To arrange for a free practice assessment and quote for service contract please get in touch.

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Reactive repairs

If you are having any issues with your equipment, give us a call. We aim to diagnose and fix customer issues over the phone as a first port of call solution and have a 70% success rate at achieving this. Should you need an engineer on-site in an emergency, we boast a 96% same day call out rate, or we can simply book you in for a time that suits you best.

We also carry an extensive variety of stock on our vans as we strive to provide you with a working solution in a single visit. Due to the nature of certain faults, new rarer parts are sometimes needed to be ordered in, and if this is ever the case, we also carry loan equipment to see you through until a permanent repair has been completed.


Estate Management

The rest of your practice

A&E Dental Engineering can also look after the other facilities in your practice. We can complete any repairs to your building, cabinetry, flooring, layout modifications, heating system repair and service, Plumbing issues, electrical testing and repairs, De-con room setup and equipment, Plant room setup and construction, reception, toilet and waiting rooms and any decorating requirements.

Patient perception

Keeping your building operational is just as important as maintaining your surgery equipment to prevent down-time and avoid dangerous failures. We offer a tailored service to keep you on top of the growing number of rules and regulations a practice needs to adhere to.

We know the image of your practice is important to you, so there really is no job too small or too big when it comes to how your practice is seen by your clients.


Staff Training

Knowledge is power

A&E Dental Engineering can provide full staff training on all aspects of looking after your equipment. This can be from daily checks and cleaning protocols for suction systems, to how to deal with basic faults. Incorrect cleaning and oiling of your handpieces can lead to many expensive failures that can be avoided with some training. We will automatically recommend some suitable staff training if we notice that we are called out to the same type of faults in a practice.

Our aim is to help you prevent failures as well as deal with them should they occur. A popular choice to facilitate our offering for staff training is to arrange a "lunch-and-learn" session which can include any topics you require to be covered, with hands-on instruction in the surgery. Typically this lasts for around 2 hours which includes 30 minutes for lunch.